Machining Operations

Print to Part manufacturing of production parts.

We provide materials, fixtures, machine operations, additional components and final finish processes, including outsourced operations* and special treatments.

Milling – up to 4 Axis Machining, Up to 40x30x17″ Volume

Turning – Up to 14″ Diameter x 40″ Length

*Other operations are also available as required.

Model Shop Functions

We manufacture single and very low quantity parts including engineering prototypes.

We work with various materials and processes, including skilled hand crafted work with care and precision.

We also modify and adapt parts to your specification or ‘napkin sketches’.

Repair Operations

We clean up and re-machine parts for many types of power equipment that contains shafts, bushings, bearings and threads. We can remanufacture repair parts, even from the broken part as a sample.

Partial Machining

Some parts only require a final operation on a pre-machined, die cast, water jet or laser cut parts. We can add holes, chamfers, radii and custom CNC machined features.

Additional operations such as reaming, threading, counterbores, countersinks as well as combined operations can also be added.

Assembly and Packaging

We can assemble and package products and sub-assemblies based upon your needs.

JIT Parts Inventory

For low use parts and assemblies we can store parts from our larger production runs and release as your necessary for your needs. This works to save setup expenses as well as allowing you to take advantage of high volume production and material savings.


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